Concrete Mixer Trucks for Sale

Concrete mixer trucks for sale are basically used to transport ready-mixed concrete, which may also called as the snail car because of its external shape. Nowadays, people can see truck concrete mixer for sale passing buy in the street frequently with the fast city development speed. Why concrete truck mixer for sale is so popular and needed nowadays? Aimix Group will introduce the basic features and advantages of our truck mixers for sale.

Main Features of Aimix Concrete Mixer Trucks for Sale

Aimix concrete mixer truck for sale mainly consists of a car chassis and a transportable concrete mixing equipment. To ensure long service life, the chassis of Aimix concrete truck mixers for sale adopt famous foreign brand, which is much better than other mixer trucks for sale that is equipped with domestic chassis. The concrete mixing equipment of mixer concrete trucks for sale basically include power takeoff, the front and rear bracket of mixing cylinder, reducer, hydraulic system, mixing tube, control mechanism and cleaning system.

The basic working principle of mixer truck for sale is that the mixing drum is motivated and rotated by the power of the car chassis, which ensures that concrete will not be frozen or stick onto the inner side of the mixing drum that will affect the quality of concrete and shorten the service life of the concrete trucks for sale. The truck mixer for sale is equipped with a cylindrical agitator to carry the ready mixed concrete, and the agitator cylinder will always keep rotating during transportation process to ensure that the concrete is not solidified. After transporting the concrete, the interior of the agitator is usually rinsed with water to prevent the hardened concrete from occupying the space.

concrete mixer trucks for sale

Advantages of Aimix Concrete Truck Sale

  1. Aimix agitator truck for sale adopts whole closed device, which solves a series of problems, such as the evaporation of the water, mortar stratification, scattering of the concrete material and driving safety.
  2. Our new concrete mixer trucks for sale are equipped with efficient cleaning device, which can also provide enough water for dry concrete mixing in the transportation process.
  3. Our front discharge mixer trucks for sale have very reliable chassis and big feeding port, and the premixed concrete can be easily poured into our new mixer trucks for sale, which saves lots of time and extra work.
  4. Aimix new concrete trucks for sale have wide application, which can be widely used in mining, tunnel, township, village, town highway, water conservancy project, micro-mixing station, subway, national defense and other construction projects. Our concrete truck with contract for sale has high flexibility, high efficiency and personalized design features.
  5. Our company provides all capacities of mixer trucks for sale by owner, and users may select the needed type with their needs.

Aimix Group also offers other construction equipment for sale, such as all types of concrete mixers, concrete batching plants, concrete mixer and pump, trailer concrete pumps, automatic dry mortar production line and etc. Welcome to contact us if there is any need of your works.

Specifications of Concrete Mixer Trucks for Sale:

OperationData Geometric Volumeof Mixing Drum(m3) 16.2 13.4 18.47 20.81
Mixing Volume (m3) 10 8 12 14
Stuffing Rate(%) 61.7 59.7 65 57.7
Remains(%) <1 <1 <1 <1
Rotate Speed ofMixing Drum(r/min) 1~14 1~14 1~14 1~14
Obliquity of Mixing Drum(°) 11.5 13 12 10
Overall Dimension(mm) 9400x2500x
Weight (kg) 13205 12605 14700 15400
Way of WaterSupply Water Pump Water Pump Water Pump Water Pump
Water Tank 250 250 250 250
Reduction Gearbox From Italy From Italy From Italy From Italy
Hydraulic Pump EATON/5423-518Italy ARK/PV89


Rexroth A4VTG90/EATON/6423-279

Italy ARK/


Motor EATON/5433-138Italy ARK/MF89V20 Italy AA2FM90/EATON/6433-042

Italy ARK/


ChassisParameter Series HOWO-7 STRW HOWO-7 HOWO-7
Model ZZ1257N3847C ZZ1256N3246C ZZ1317N3268W BJ5313GPFJC-S
Wheel Base (m) 3825+1350 3225+1350 1800+3200+1350 1800+3450


MotorModel/Dischare(L) WD615.95E
Output Power
Max Speed(km/h) 90 75 86 77
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