The practical significance of the level-sensing device of cement silo

Cement silo of concrete batching plant is not just a simple silo, and it also contains a lot of auxiliary devices, such as broken arch device, dust collector, level gauge and pressure safety valve. The level-sensing device is an indispensable part of concrete silo, but what role it actually plays? What are the characteristics?

Level-sensing device is a sensor that is basically used to sense the height changing of the material in the container. It can detect the changing of height and volume of the material in real time and convey relevant information to the computer or display instrument.

In the concrete mixing plant, the cement silo is a closed storage device, and users can’t intuitively see the actual amount of powder in it, which shows the importance of level-sensing device. In short, the cement level gauge in the cement warehouse can accurately record the location of materials to facilitate management.

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The basic characteristics of level-sensing device

  1. The level-sensing device of Aimix Group adopts contact measurement, which has accurate and reliable measurement, and it can be easily installed horizontally or vertically.
  2. It has super anti-shake performance, and it will not send an error signal even when the material flows up and down.
  3. Material display function: It adopts long-life and high-brightness indicator light, which displays the material level clearly and evidently.
  1. Double protection function: The overload protection function can avoid the excessive damage to the motor by the external force. The automatic protection function can ensure the normal working of the level-sensing even when the blade rotation is blocked.

In summary, the installation of level-sensing device is very necessary, and welcome to contact us for further info of our cement silos for sale if one has the interest.

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