The Routine Maintenance of Accessories of Aimix Concrete Mixer

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After certain time using, concrete mixer accessories also need routine maintenance. Aimix concrete mixers are composed by a number of primary parts, the mixing host, gravel batching equipment, cement racks, hoists and screw conveyors. These devices are used in the storage and mixing of sand and gravel, and the various parts have their own characteristics. In order to ensure the smooth production, these parts need to be cleaned and maintained timely and regularly. Here, Aimix Group will analyze it as listed:

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  1. Users need to check the gas sealing and drainage of the mixer, and check whether the sensor is normal or not.
  2. Adjust the scraper with the belt machine head and adjust the belt cleaning device.
  3. For the aggregate transportation equipment, users need to check the working condition and the connection of its interface. Check the operation of the cylinder and its switches to ensure the smooth production of any circumstances.
  4. Users need to check the working condition of the belt roller and engine to ensure that the temperature is normal.
  5. Regularly check the oil level of driving drum to ensure that the production can be guaranteed.
  6. The discharging port is very important for hydraulic concrete mixer, and users should check the surface of pump oil tank, and timely adjust it if there is any mistakes.

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