The Standard Allocations of Concrete Batching Plant


What are the standard allocations of stationary concrete batching plant? How to build it effectively? As a professional concrete batching plant manufacturer, we will analyze and explain it as the following details:

  1. A concrete mixer and related batching system are the basic allocation for a complete production line. General project can only set up a production line, and some larger and important projects should set up two production lines side by side to ensure uninterrupted supply of concrete for the project. The host and material feeding system should be chosen based on the duration of the project to meet maximum concrete demand, such as the total amount of concrete, daily concrete dosage and other indicators.
  2. The sand and stone yard area should be large enough to meet the needs of the project consumption, which should also ease the material feeding and supplement. Each kinds of materials should be stacked separately to prevent the mixing caused by wrong proportioning ratios. There should be equipped with enough wheel loader in the site, and sand and gravel should be stacked neatly. The site should be firm and stiff to ease loading and prevent mud and other debris from entering into the material.
  3. A concrete mixing station should be equipped with 1 or 2 pools to ensure the daily concrete mixing plant production and cleaning requirement. A production line should be equipped with at least two adaptive silos to store cement, and three will be the best. Take turns to use the cement silos in a timely manner to meet the needs of concrete production without cement backlog. Fly ash and admixture are needed under some circumstances, and they should be placed appropriately for using.
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