Single Shaft Concrete Mixer

Single shaft mixer is a kind of compulsory mixer, which consists of stirring shaft, stirring blade, mixing barrel and discharge door that arranged in the mixing barrel. The mixing barrel adopts horizontal cylinder, which makes the single shaft concrete mixer easy to operate and handle. It is one of the most important mechanical machine in the production of bricks and tile. With the continuous development of construction industry and people’s eco-consciousness, single axle concrete mixer will be the first choice to lots of big construction projects. JDC series single axle concrete mixer is one of the most popular concrete mixers of our company, which are distinct from twin shaft paddle mixer with different numbers of mixing shafts.  Generally speaking, single batch concrete mixers belong to stationary concrete mixer, which are suitable for stationary concrete plants or separate concrete production.

Hot Models of Single Shaft Concrete Mixer:

JDC350 compulsory concrete mixer

Model: JDC350
Charging Capacity(L): 560
Discharging Capacity(L): 350
Productivity(m3/h): 18
Aggregate Size(mm): 80/60
Complete Machine Power(KW): 19.55
Overall Dimension(LXWXH)(mm): 2580X2340X2850

JDC500 compulsory concrete mixer

Model: JDC500
Charging Capacity(L): 800
Discharging Capacity(L): 500
Productivity(m3/h): 25
Aggregate Size(cobble/gravel) (mm): 80/60
Complete Machine Power(KW): 24.75
Overall Dimension(LXWXH)(mm): 2600X2789X3200

JDC1000 compulsory concrete mixer

Model: JDC1000
Charging Capacity(L): 1600
Discharging Capacity(L): 1000
Productivity(m3/h): 50
Aggregate Size(cobble/gravel) (mm): 80/60
Complete Machine Power(KW): 44
Overall Dimension(LXWXH)(mm): 3370X2789X3650


Model JDC350 JDC500 JDC1000
Charging Capacity (L) 560 800 1600
Discharging Capacity (L) 350 500 1000
Productivity (m3/h) 18 25 50
Aggregate Size (mm) 80/60 80/60 80/60
Rev of Drum (r/min) 28 24 24
Complete Machine Power (KW) 19.55 24.75 44
Mixing Time (s) 30 30 30
Overall Dimension (LXWXH) (mm) 2580X2340X2850 2600X2789X3200 3370X2789X3650
Dragged Speed (m/h) 20 18 18
Overall Weight (kg) 3300 4000 6100

In contrast with twin shaft paddle mixer, single shaft concrete mixer has relatively low costs while ensuring the mixing quality. The mixing shaft of our mixer adopts strong anti-wearing material, and it avoids the rear and tear after long-term mixing, which also enhance the service life of the machine. With sophisticated workers and experienced engineers, the quality and performance of our single shaft concrete mixer can totally meet your expectation and requirements. If you are wondering about which kinds of concrete mixer best suits your works, why not give a shot here by giving us a chance? With professional and thoughtful salesman, all your problems can be solved efficiently and perfectly. As a well-praised construction equipment manufacturer, we offer complete selling service, which includes the former negotiation towards machine, the payment, the delivery and after-sale service.

JDC single shaft concrete mixer for sale

With years of working experience, our company has accumulated lots of experienced technologists and workers to the production of single batch concrete mixers and diesel concrete mixer. Our products have the advantages of convenient operation, high performance and easy maintenance. By now, our machine has been exported to lots of countries, and received a good reputation all around the world. With shaft-end sealing patent, our single shaft concrete mixer has much more compact structure, and the production process is much safer and more reliable. Users can totally get the right mixer with so many options in our company, such as pan concrete mixer, diesel concrete mixer, electric concrete mixer for sale, mini concrete mixer for sale, self loading concrete mixer, stationary concrete mixer and so on. With the most competitive machine cost, our single shaft concrete mixer is surely your best selection. So, why not contact us for a free inquiry now?

Features and Advantages of Single Shaft Concrete Mixer:

  1. The machine has short discharging time, which can largely improve the working efficiency of the machine.
  2. The discharge door is driven by a power mechanism that makes it simple to operate and reduce the workload of the operators.
  3. Our single batch concrete mixer has high working efficiency, high productivity and long service life, which will benefits you a lot.
  4. It requires low investment and maintenance, which can largely reduce the costs of your construction projects.
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