Tilting Drum Concrete Mixer

Tilting drum concrete mixer mixes the ingredients while forward rotating, and discharges while reversing the concrete mixer drum. Tilt drum concrete mixer is often used to blend plastic and semi dry concrete. With the advantages of low noise, stable operation, convenient movement, high working efficiency, high quality and high productivity, tilting drum type concrete mixer is especially suitable for the construction of roads, bridges, water and electric engineering. Our tilting drum concrete mixer totally conforms to national standard, and it has distinguished features of small footprint, easy installation and portable transferring, which has easier movement than stationary concrete mixer.

AIMIX tilting drum concrete mixer exported

Tilting drum type concrete mixer is widely used on construction sites. It mixes cement, sand, stone and water in a certain proportion to obtain very uniform concrete. A tilting drum mixer is often used as a stand-alone machine. Its mixing efficiency is lower than large concrete mixers such as JS twin shaft concrete mixer. Therefore, tilt drum concrete mixer is mainly suitable for rural construction and small construction sites.

tilting drum concrete mixer

Since the tilting drum type concrete mixers has compact structure and tires, they can be moved easily. They can be easily moved between construction sites. It is a kind of concrete mixer with strong flexibility. It provides a good choice for customers who have demand to transfer between different construction sites.

Tilting Drum Types Concrete Mixers AIMIX Provides

AIMIX tilt drum concrete mixers mainly include JZ series concrete mixer and AS series self loading drum concrete mixer. With low power consumption, easy operation, tilting drum mixers got customers’ favor whose construction sites are small such as rural towns.

First, we will introduce JZ series tilting drum concrete mixers. That mainly include JZC and JZM series electric tilt drum concrete mixers and JZR series diesel tilting drum mixers.

AIMIX electric tilting drum concrete mixers mainly include JZC and JZM series. The two series have similar structure. Both of them adopt electricity as the power source. Both JZM concrete mixer and JZC concrete mixer are self-falling concrete mixers, or cone-shaped drum concrete mixers, but the principle of transmission is different. The difference between them is: the mixer drum of JZC series tilting drum concrete mixer is driven by gears, while the mixer drum of JZM series tilt drum concrete mixer is driven by friction of rubber wheels.

JZC series concrete mixer
JZM750 tilt drum concrete mixer

Both JZC and JZM series concrete mixers are forward mixing, reverse discharge concrete mixer. They can mix plastic and semi-dry concrete. They has the advantages of low noise, stable operation, convenient operation and movement, good mixing quality, high production efficiency, etc. They are suitable for general construction sites, roads, bridges, hydro-power and other projects, especially for the construction of urban residential areas.

Specifications of Aimix Electric Tilting Drum Mixer

Item Charging Capacity (L) Discharging Capacity (L) Productivity (m3/h) Aggregate Size (cobble/gravel) (mm) Overall Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) Overall Weight (kg)
JZC350 560 350 44118 60 4010X2140X3340 1610
JZC350B 560 350 44118 60 4310X2140X4180 1610
JZC500 800 500 18-20 60 5230X2300X5450 3200
JZM350 560 350 44118 60 4310X2140X4240 3200
JZM500 800 500 18-20 60 5130X2400X5550 3200
JZM750 1200 750 20-22.5 60 6107X2050X6070 4000

Second, we will introduce JZR series tilting drum concrete mixers.

JZR series tilting drum concrete mixers are specially designed for remote areas without electricity, which cannot realize mechanical construction. Its design principle is to add a set of diesel power generation system on the basis of the existing JZC series concrete mixer. The diesel engine will provide power for the mixer to work. It is especially suitable for construction sites without power supply.

JZR500 diesel drum concrete mixer

This JZR series tilting drum concrete mixers belong to double-cone reverse discharging type concrete mixer, similar to JZC and JZR series concrete mixers, they also are forward mixing, reverse discharge concrete mixer.

JZR series tilting drum type concrete mixers are used for mixing plastic and low fluidity concrete, 0.35cbm or 0.5cbm at a time. They are suitable for general small and medium-sized construction projects, roads, bridges, water conservancy projects etc. They have the characteristics of simple structure, high efficiency, light weight, easy operation and maintenance, etc.

AIMIX Diesel Tilting Drum Type Concrete Mixer for Sale

JZR350B tilting drum concrete mixer
JZR500 diesel concrete mixers

Specifications of Aimix Diesel Tilting Drum Mixer

Model JZR350A JZR350B JZR500
Discharging Capacity(L) 350 350 500
Charging Capacity(L) 560 560 800
Productivity(m3/h) 10 -14 10- 14 20-22
Maximum Size of Aggregate(mm) 60 60 80
Hopper Lifting Wire rope lifting Hydraulic system Hydraulic system
Diesel Engine Power(kw) 9.7 13.2 13.2
Power of Water Pump(kw) 0.75 0.75 2.2-3
Dimensions in Container (mm) 2750×2200×2400 2300×1900×2500 2300×3300×2500
Overall Weight (kg) 1350 1400 2300

The Main Features of the tilting drum concrete mixer

(1)simple operation (2) small footprint (3) uniform and thorough mixing without residue (4) short mixing time (5) stable and high efficiency.

How to Choose a tilting drum concrete mixer

Selection criteria for tilting drum concrete mixers:

1.Choose according to the user’s own total project volume and project duration.

2.According to the actual needs of the construction of your own work project, the choice is judged according to the composition and viscosity of the actual concrete mixture.

3.It can be selected according to the concrete type of user’s own project.

JZC350 tilt drum concrete mixer

How Much is AIMIX Tilting Drum Concrete Mixer Price

The commonly used tilting drum concrete mixers mainly include 350L and 500L output. These concrete mixers are low in price and have a wide range of applications. The price ranges from 10,000 to 30,000. Customers can choose the appropriate type of mixing equipment according to their actual construction needs. AIMIX Construction Machinery welcomes all customers to visit and inspect.

Tips for Choosing A Tilting Drum Concrete Mixer

When choosing a tilting drum concrete mixer, you must first determine the type of concrete mixer base on the size of the production scale, the size of the construction site, the situation of the attached equipment, the management function, and the technical performance of the equipment.

Secondly, we must get a good knowledge of the reputation of the supplier, and compare the price, performance, quality, service, etc. of similar products through various channels, and then select the satisfactory products.

Where to Buy a Better Tilting Drum Concrete Mixer

AIMIX construction machinery is a household name and has won praise and recognition from customers all over the world. From our cases, you can see how many construction equipment we have exported. By now, our construction machinery have been exported to more than 100 countries in the world.

To serve customers faster and better, we set branch offices in countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia, Uzbekistan etc.

From our customers’ review, you can see that our products are very popular, and our after-sales service is also very good and fast. After customers purchasing our products, our after sale team will call and pay visit to our customer ensure the equipment is performing well. Customers speak highly of our products and service.

If you are interested in our JZ series tilt drum concrete mixer or AS series tilting drum concrete mixer, please don’t hesitate to contact us now!

AIMIX Tilting Drum Concrete Mixer Exported

AIMIX drum concrete mixer exported

Specifications of Aimix Self Load Tilting Drum Concrete Mixer

1.2 cub self loading mixer
Model AS1.2
Drum Capacity 1.8m3
Concrete Output 1.2m3
Loading Ratio 0.76
Metering Electronnic Weighing System(options)
Capacity 4Batch/h
Engine Model YUNNEI4102
Power 60kw
Bucket Capacity 300L
Tyre 12-16.5
Weight 4800kg
Dimension(mm) 6030*2180*2250

AIMIX AS1.8 self loading mixer sent to Russia
Model AS1.8
Drum Capacity 3.0m3
Concrete Output 2.0m3
Capacity 4Batch/h
Engine Model YUCHAI
Power 78kw
Bucket Capacity 550L
Tyre 16/70-20PR16
Weight 6500kg
Dimension(mm) 6030*2180*2250

AS3.5B self loading mixer sent to Kazakhstan
Model AS3.5
Drum Capacity 5.4m3
Concrete Output 3.5m3
Capacity 4Batch/h
Engine Model YUCHAI
Power 85kw
Bucket Capacity 650L
Tyre 16/70-20
Weight 7600kg
Dimension(mm) 7500*2700*3380

AS4.0 self load concrete mixer sent to Russia
Drum Capacity 6.1m3
Concrete Output 4m3
Capacity 4Batch/h
Engine Model YUCHAI
Power 92kw
Bucket Capacity 650L
Tyre 16/70-20 wire tires
Weight 7600kg
Dimension(mm) 7500*2700*3380

If users are looking for a more convenient drum mixer, self loading mixer for sale is a good selection. The difference between self loading concrete mixer and tilting drum concrete mixer lies in its way of feeding. Users need to feed all materials with hands in operating a tilting drum concrete mixer while a self loading concrete mixer machine can finish feeding through driving the machine. However, non tilting drum mixer is also very popular in the worldwide market with good overall performance, favorable price, mobile movement and high productivity. For small and medium-sized concrete works, tilting drum mixer can provide enough qualified concrete to meet the needs of projects.

AS4.0 self loading mixer sent to Germany

As a professional construction equipment manufacturer and supplier of tilting drum concrete mixer, we try to combine the most advanced technology into our machine. Our machines have the characteristics of reasonable price, compact structure, long service life and good performance, which are sod very well at home and abroad. By now, we have varieties of tilting drum concrete mixer to choose, and we can also customize machines with your different demand. JZC and JZM tilting drum concrete mixer are our hot models, which have been exported to lots of countries, such as Pakistan, Oman, Nigeria, South Africa, American, India, Indonesia, Philippine and so on. If you want to know the price of our machine, please contact us at any time to get a free quote.

Successful Cases:

Aimix self loading mixer in Philippines
Aimix self loading concrete mixer sent to Myanmar

Features and Advantages of Tilting Drum Concrete Mixer:

  1. Our tilting drum concrete mixer has reasonable structure, smooth movement, portable movement and easy operation.
  2. It has high mixing quality and efficiency, which can meet the high requirements of concrete in the construction projects.
  3. The machine has low working noises, and it can largely save labor, time and energy.
  4. It requires low investment, which makes it acceptable to lots of small and medium construction projects.

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