Concrete Drum Mixer

Drum concrete mixer is used to blend cement, sand, aggregate and water mixtures together to produce concrete mixtures, and it is called as concrete drum mixer as well. It is basically composed by mixing drum, feeding and discharging mechanism, water supply system, driving mechanism, frame and supporting devices. Drum concrete mixers will keep on playing a vital role in the construction engineering with its mobile movement and high working efficiency. Investors may use it separately or co-work with a stationary concrete batching plant, and it can be very helpful and convenient.

We basically provide JZC and JZM series drum mixer for sale, and users may select the machine with specific capacity according to the demand of projects. Drum concrete mixer differs from stationary concrete mixer in the way of movement, and drum concrete mixers have easy transferring while stationary concrete mixer is hard to move. In addition, reverse drum concrete mixer also has big difference with compulsory mixer in its way of mixing, and concrete drum mixer adopts reverse or positive mixing with the rotation of the drum while compulsory mixer mixes all materials with the mixing rotation of the mixing shafts. If one have no idea what kinds of mixers to choose, they may just send us an inquiry or contact us to seek more help. Generally speaking, our professional salesman will carefully ask what kinds of projects they have, and recommend the appropriate model for them if they have no settled models after receiving customer’s message.

JZC350 cement mixer

Model: JZC350
Discharge volume(L): 350
Charging volume(L): 560
Capacity (m3/h): 10 -14
Drum rotating speed (r/min): 14
Max. aggregate size (mm): 60
Mixing power (kw): 5.5
Water pump (kw): 0.55

JZM350 concrete drum mixer

Model: JZM350
Discharge volume(L): 350
Charging volume(L): 560
Capacity (m3/h): 15-18
Drum rotating speed (r/min): 15
Max. aggregate size (mm): 60
Mixing power (kw): 5.5
Water pump (kw): 0.55

JZC500 concrete drum mixer

Model: JZC500
Discharge volume(L): 500
Charging volume(L): 800
Capacity (m3/h): 18-20
Drum rotating speed (r/min): 13
Max. aggregate size (mm): 60-80
Mixing power (kw): 11
Water pump (kw): 0.75

JZM500 concrete drum mixer

Model: JZM500
Discharge volume(L): 500
Charging volume(L): 800
Capacity (m3/h): 20~25
Drum rotating speed (r/min): 13
Max. aggregate size (mm): 60
Mixing power (kw): 11
Water pump (kw): 0.75

JZC750 concrete drum mixer

Model: JZC750
Discharge volume(L): 750
Charging volume(L): 1200
Capacity (m3/h): 25-30
Drum rotating speed (r/min): 13
Max. aggregate size (mm): 60-80
Mixing power (kw): 15
Water pump (kw): 11

Our company has been specialized in the production of portable concrete mixer with drum for a long time, and we have become one of the most welcomed suppliers and manufacturers of concrete drum mixers now. Our machine has the characteristics of convenient operation, compact structure, low investment, high performance and long service life, which is the reason why our machines are welcomed all around the world. By now, we have varieties of drum mixer for sale, and we can also make appropriate adjustments to our machine to meet different requirements of our clients.

In conclusion, our concrete drum mixer for sale is a pretty good choice for small building works, which has relatively low original costs than other types of mixers, such as self loading concrete mixer truck, Sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer and planetary mixer machine. It perfectly matches all their requirements for investors that have a limited budget and investment. Please trust us that our professional salesman will find the best way to minimize your costs while providing high quality equipment. With abundant professional merchandiser, the machine will be delivered to your country safely and efficiently. So, why hesitate?

mini concrete drum mixers for sale

Features and Advantages:

  1. Our machine can mix the ingredient evenly, which can largely improve the quality of concrete.
  2. It has the advantages of low energy consumption, low pollution, and quick discharging.
  3. The machine requires low investment, and it has quick and spontaneous repayment.
  4. It has easy operation and maintenance, which will largely reduce the costs of construction projects.

JZC500 tilting drum concrete mixers

JZC500 portable electric mixer


Model JZC350 JZM350 JZC500 JZM500 JZC750
Discharge volume
350 350 500 500 750
Charging volume
560 560 800 800 1200
Capacity (m3/h) 10~14 15~18 18~20 20~25 25~30
Drum rotating speed
14 15 13 13 13
Max. aggregate size
60 60 60~80 60~80 60~80
Water feeding precision ≤2% ≤2% ≤2% ≤2% ≤2%
Mixing power (kw) 5.5 5.5 11 11 15
Lifting power (kw) 4.5 4.5 5.5 5.5 7.5
Water pump (kw) 0.55 0.55 0.75 0.75 1.1
Tyre 6.50-16 6.50-16 7.50-16 7.50-16
Max. hauling speed
20 20 20 20
Dimensions (mm) 2766x2140x3000 3800x2050x2690 5226x2200x5460 6200x2110x5300 6116x2056x6060
Weight (kg) 1950 1970 3100 3200 4200

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