JN planetary concrete mixers for sale

Planetary Concrete Mixer

Planetary mixer machine is a new type of multi-functional and homogeneous concrete mixer, and it is widely used in many construction industries. Planetary mixer concrete belongs to vertical shaft concrete mixer, and it usually has two or three multilayer folding blade, and the working principle of planetary mixer is that the blade are in the revolution and rotation at the same time so that the material can be evenly mixed in a short time. Planetary concrete mixers are particularly suitable for the mixing, dissolving of paste, high viscosity, and high density materials.

Aimix Group is an experienced planetary mixer manufacturer, and we have focused on the manufacturing and innovation of planetary concrete mixer and gas cement mixer for sale firstly at the end of 20th century. So far, our planetary mixer concrete has been exported to many countries, such as Russia, Philippine, Indonesia, South Africa, India and so on. With advanced planetary mixer design, the project task can be finished ahead of time without extra spending and time. In addition, planetary concrete mixer for sale is often used as the main host of stationary concrete plant, which can totally ensure the mixing quality while improving productivity.

JN250 planetary concrete mixer

Model: JN250
Discharging Volume (L): 250
Charging Volume (L): 375
Diameter of Mixing Drum (mm): 600
Total Weight (Kg): 1200
Mixing Power (KW): 11
Discharging Power (KW): 2.2

JN330 planetary concrete mixer for sale

Model: JN330
Discharging Volume (L): 330
Charging Volume (L): 500
Diameter of Mixing Drum (mm): 800
Total Weight (Kg): 1700
Mixing Power (KW): 15
Discharging Power (KW): 2.2

JN planetary concrete mixers for sale

Model: JN500
Discharging Volume (L): 500
Charging Volume (L): 750
Diameter of Mixing Drum (mm): 1200
Total Weight (Kg): 2000
Mixing Power (KW): 18.5
Discharging Power (KW): 2.2

JN1000 planetary concrete mixers for sale

Model: JN1000
Discharging Volume (L): 1000
Charging Volume (L): 1500
Diameter of Mixing Drum (mm): 2400
Total Weight (Kg): 6000
Mixing Power (KW): 37
Discharging Power (KW): 3


Model Discharging Volume (L) Charging Volume (L) Diameter of Mixing Drum (mm) Total Weight (Kg) Mixing Power (KW) Discharging Power (KW)
JN250 250 375 600 1200 11 2.2
JN330 330 500 800 1700 15 2.2
JN500 500 750 1200 2000 18.5 2.2
JN750 750 1125 1800 3500 30 2.2
JN1000 1000 1500 2400 6000 37 3
JN1500 1500 2250 3600 7000 55 3
JN2000 2000 3000 4800 8500 75 4
JN2500 2500 3750 6000 10500 90 4
JN3000 3000 4500 7200 11000 110 4
Our company has accumulated lots of professional technologists and workers, and we try to combine the most advanced technology into the design of our planetary mixer and concrete mobile mixer for sale. As professional planetary mixer manufacturers, our planetary concrete mixer has compact structure, high mixing quality, high working efficiency and long service life, which are the reason that our machine are sold very well at home and abroad. If you have the interest, welcome to contact us for free quotation at any time. JN series are the hot models of planetary concrete mixer for sale in our company, which can be motivated by diesel or electric with customers’ selection. We warmly welcome investors and customers to come to China to visit our factory at any time. Maybe our other types of concrete mixers also work better for your projects, such as cement mixer electric motor, diesel mixers for sale, hydraulic concrete mixer machine and so on. Why not give a shot here?

planetary concrete mixer

Features and Advantages:

  1. The special working principle makes the machine has high mixing quality and speed, which will meet the large demand of your business.
  2. It has low working noises, easy operation, stable movement, large mixing aggregate size and long service life.
  3. The machine are equipped with wear-resistant lining board and mixing blades.
  4. It has low discharging time, high reliability, low running and maintenance costs

JN Planetary Concrete Mixers Details:

changli planetary concrete mixer in production

planetary concrete mixer details

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