Concrete Pan Mixer for Sale

Concrete pan mixer belongs to vertical shaft concrete mixer. It is a type of concrete mixer with fast and homogenous mixing effect due to its special structure design. The mixing blades of pan mixer can do a double motion of rotation and revolution; the scrapers on mixing blades do a motion of revolution. That contributes to a complicated motion trail of the mixing device and achieves efficient, intensive and homogeneous mixing effect.

pan concrete mixer
pan concrete mixer

Concrete pan mixer for sale is extensively used in the small size construction work or home use. Pan concrete mixer mixes material in a positive rotation, and discharging materials in the opposite direction. Different from JS twin shaft paddle mixer, our pan mixer machine has very low investment, and users can get a satisfied pan mixers concrete with less money. In addition to that, our concrete pan mixer design and sealing is reasonable and appropriate, and it makes the operation of concrete mixer pan much smoother and more efficient. With the advantages of stable operation, low energy consumption and high working efficiency, pan mixers are used to mix plastic concrete, hard or flowing concrete, lightweight aggregate and mortars.

Hot Types

JN planetary concrete mixers for sale

Model: JN500
Discharging Volume (L): 500
Charging Volume (L): 750
Diameter of Mixing Drum (mm): 1200
Total Weight (Kg): 2000
Mixing Power (KW): 18.5
Discharging Power (KW): 2.2

JN1000 planetary concrete mixers for sale

Model: JN1000
Discharging Volume (L): 1000
Charging Volume (L): 1500
Diameter of Mixing Drum (mm): 2400
Total Weight (Kg): 6000
Mixing Power (KW): 37
Discharging Power (KW): 3

Specifications of Concrete Pan Mixer for Sale:

Model Discharge Volume(L) Charge Volume(L) Diameter of Drum (mm) Total Weight(Kg) Mix Power(KW) Discharge Power(KW)
JN350 350 375 600 1200 11 2.2
JN500 500 750 1200 2000 18.5 2.2
JN750 750 1125 1800 3500 30 2.2
JN1000 1000 1500 2400 6000 37 3
JN1500 1500 2250 3600 7000 55 3
JN2000 2000 3000 4800 8500 75 4
JN2500 2500 3750 6000 10500 90 4
JN3000 3000 4500 7200 11000 110 4

Aimix is an outstanding concrete pan mixer manufacturer and supplier in China, which has made gigantic achievements in the construction machinery production. Up to now, we have got the patent of shaft sealing technology in China, which obviously shows our enterprise competence and comprehensive strength, and it has left all our competitors behind a long time ago. Our pan mixer is unique in the mixing shaft and blades, which adopts stainless steel, and it greatly enhance the mixing performance, productivity and its service life.  Customers and investors that seek for high quality and competitive price concrete pan mixer for sale won’t be regret to get an free quotation of our machine, and our machine is also a good choice in terms of production safety and efficiency.

Except for planetary concrete mixer, JN series are the hot models of our concrete mixer machine for sale, which also have different capacities and productivity. If users barely know what capacities of pan mixers that they need, don’t worry, our professional salesman will offer best objective suggestion. What’s more, one may discuss more details with us, such as the best engine selection, the minimum delivery fee, all the needed spare parts like cement storage silo and so on. Our professional salesman will set a complete and thorough product purchase plan with minimum costs. Isn’t that fantastic? So, why not give a shot a here? With specific personal requirement, we can tailor your own special concrete pan mixer machine at any time.

JN series planetary concrete mixer

Our pan mixer machine has high discharging speed, which can largely improve its working efficiency and productivity. Besides that, our pan type concrete mixer adopts hard wearing materials to protect the machine from the abrasion in the working process. With plenty of technologists and sophisticated workers, our pan type mixer has took its place in the construction industries. As one of the most famous concrete pan mixer manufacturers and suppliers, Aimix Group has lots of concrete pan mixer for sale, such as mini cement mixer for sale, manual concrete mixer, electric concrete mixer and diesel cement mixer, and we will try our best to meet your different requirements.

Features and Advantages of Concrete Pan Mixer for Sale:

  1. Our machine has compact structure, high mixing speed and reasonable price.
  2. It adopts the most advanced technology, which can largely improve the discharging speed and working efficiency of the machine.
  3. The machine adopts hard wearing materials, and it largely prolongs the service life of the machine.
  4. It can mix materials evenly, which can ensure the high mixing quality and save time at the same time.

Product Details:

JN1000 planetary concrete mixers for sale

planetary concrete mixer china

Benefits of Using AIMIX Pan Mixer:

  1. Smooth transmission
  2. Homogeneous and fast mixing effect
  3. High output and consistent product quality
  4. Low mixer height design with safe operation
  5. Easy to maintain, no leakage problem

As an experienced concrete mixer manufacturer, we offer pan concrete mixers with various capacities to meet the demand of a wide range of users. Besides, custom made pan mixers are also available. If you are looking for a concrete pan mixer with fast and homogenous mixing effect, welcome to contact us for detailed information.

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