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China Self-loading concrete mixer manufacturer Aimix Group supplies quality 1.2M3, 2M3, 3.5M3, 4M3 self loading concrete mixer trucks with reasonable price. Self loading concrete mixers are a kind of practical and flexible concrete mixers with truck. It is so practical and useful in the construction site that the self loading concrete mixer is widely spread both in the market and in the construction scene. Self loading concrete mixers made in Aimix are in leading position in the market and have received a good reputation all over the world. Aimix self loading concrete mixers have been exported to oversea conturies such as Vietnam, Russia, Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia and win customers’ praise.

Specifications of Aimix Self Loading Concrete Mixer

1.2cbm self loading concrete mixer truk
1.2cbm self loading concrete mixer truk
Model CL1200
Drum Capacity 1.8m3
Concrete Output 1.2m3
Loading Ratio 0.76
Metering Electronnic Weighing System(options)
Capacity 4Batch/h
Engine Model YUNNEI4102
Power 60kw
Bucket Capacity 300L
Tyre 12-16.5
Weight 4800kg
Dimension(mm) 6030*2180*2250

2.0cbm self loading concrete mixer truk
2.0cbm self loading concrete mixer truk
Model CL2000
Drum Capacity 3.0m3
Concrete Output 2.0m3
Capacity 4Batch/h
Engine Model YUCHAI
Power 78kw
Bucket Capacity 550L
Tyre 16/70-20PR16
Weight 6500kg
Dimension(mm) 6030*2180*2250

3.5cbm self loading concrete mixer truk
3.5cbm self loading concrete mixer truk
Model CL3500
Drum Capacity 5.4m3
Concrete Output 3.5m3
Capacity 4Batch/h
Engine Model YUCHAI
Power 85kw
Bucket Capacity 650L
Tyre 16/70-20
Weight 7600kg
Dimension(mm) 7500*2700*3380

4cbm self loading concrete mixer truk
4cbm self loading concrete mixer truk
Model CL4000
Drum Capacity 6.1m3
Concrete Output 4m3
Capacity 4Batch/h
Engine Model YUCHAI
Power 92kw
Bucket Capacity 650L
Tyre 16/70-20 wire tires
Weight 7600kg
Dimension(mm) 7500*2700*3380

Model CL1200 CL2000 CL3500 CL4000
Drum Capacity 1.8m3 3.0m3 5.4m3 6.1m3
Concrete Output 1.2m3 2.0m3 3.5m3 4m3
Loading Ratio 76%
Metering Electronnic Weighing System(options)
Capacity 4Batch/h 4Batch/h 4Batch/h 4Batch/h
Power 60kw 78kw 85kw 92kw
Bucket Capacity 300L 550L 650L 650L
Tyre 12-16.5 16/70-20PR16 16/70-20 16/70-20 wire tires
Weight 4800kg 6500kg 7600kg 7600kg
Dimension(mm) 6030*2180*2250 6030*2180*2250 7500*2700*3380 7500*2700*3380

Wide Applications of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Self loading cement mixer is a kind of machine that is suitable for many places not only in the city but also in the countryside. Self loading cement mixer can be used in the construction site very conveniently. With the development of modern society, the construction in the countryside appears like the boom in spring, so the construction machine is necessary in the building. In the countryside, residents’ dwelling and the roads are built. In the city, municipal projects are also very common in every country. Other than these construction sites, the maintenance of the infrastructure is also necessary. All in all, the self loading concrete mixer has a big market as long as people live in the ground.

Aimix self loading concrete mixer

Main Components of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck:

There are mainly six parts in the concrete self loader truck: concrete mixing drum, shovel, chassis, wheels, control room, engine and water supply system.

    1. Concrete mixing drum mainly plays two roles: one is storing the materials during the transportation; the other is to mix the raw materials. What’s more, the mixing drum above the concrete chassis can rotate continuously in full angle to meet different building site.
    2. Shovel is an important component to pour the raw materials into the concrete mixing drum.
    3. Chassis can prop up the concrete mixing drum and the drum can rotate above it.
    4. Wheels are a special design according to the rough terrains. The proper wheels can go through the uneven surface of a road successfully.

components of self loading concrete mixer

  1. Control room is a place where the worker can operate the machine. The control room is equipped with the lucid glasses so that the worker can avoid the hitting of wind or rain.
  2. Our engine adopts world famous technology which has long service time and stable performance.
  3. Water supply system is also a prominent part to the whole machine. The water can be poured into the mixing drum automatically.

All in all, one person and one machine can finish the process from the raw materials to the stirred concrete.

Characteristics and Advantages of Self Loading Mixer Machine

  1. There are different sizes we can supply in our company. According to the capacityofthe mixing drum, they can be divided into 0.35m3, 1m3, 1.5m3, 2.5m3, and 3.5m3.
  2. It is a machine that can be used by one worker. It will highly reduce the cost on the labor.
  3. The self loading concrete truck mixer has a stable performance and long service time. The materialswe use are excellent steel. The engine we use has high quality and technology.
  4. We design the machine with the idea of fashion and practice so that he machine has fashionable appearance and practical function.
  5. The self loading concrete mixer truck has good quality withcompetitive price. If you buy a machine in a bad quality, some troubles may happen when you use it. Then time and money will be wasted to repair it. So pay more attention to the quality of self loading concrete mixer truck when you are choosing one.
  6. Aimix self loading concrete mixerhas realized Fully automatic loading and discharging. It will largely improve the product capacity.

Aimix Self Loading Transit Mixer Quality and Price

Our self loading concrete mixer truck has a good quality. First of all, we adopt the engine from famous brands in high technology and quality such as Pekins and Cummins. Secondly, the control room we use is the design in glasses so that workers can operate the machine more conveniently. Then, self loading transit mixer, as a kind of machine, can work normally in the rough terrain; the wheels are manufactured in a special way. There are also some advantages in the quality, if you are interested in our products, you can contact our company through the email or the other ways.
AIMIX self loader mixer truck

Our self loading transit mixer truck has the most competitive price. On the one hand, because of the good quality, the price of our concrete mixer truck is the best, not the lowest. Compared with the lowest price, we supply the products with high quality and more perfect service. Our products in the higher quality will help you to know the price is so cheap that the successful working of the machine will take more profit to customers. As a result, you can get the ideal self loading mixer in a proper price. If you are interested in our products, please feel ease to keep in touch with us, and we give you the best solutions according to your requirements.

Video of Aimix self loading concrete mixer

Aimix Self Loading Concrete Truck Mixer for Sale — Aimix

We have professional business team, e-commerce team and overseas team. Nowadays, we have set three branches and three warehouses overseas. Our customers are in over eighty countries or regions all over the world such as USA, India, France, Egypt, New Zealand and so on.
aimix factory
The certificates we have gained are certificate of ISO, Henan famous brand and CE certificate. We also have been a verified supplier by BV and Alibaba. In a word, we have received many reputations from home and abroad; and we are proud of the great achievements that our company has reached. Especially in the recent years, we have developed rapidly. In the process of development, we always put customers first. We always make friends with our customers and support the best service and products to the customers.

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