Dry Mix Mortar Plant

Dry mortar batching plant refers to the professional production for the construction of various mortar mixture, also known as polymer mortar, and its versatility is mainly used for masonry, plastering and insulation systems and interior decoration, etc. Dry mortar production line is mainly composed of elevator, ready mix warehouse, cement silo, dry mortar mixer, finished product warehouse, packaging machine, dust collector, electric control cabinet and gas balance system.

dry mortar mix plant
dry mortar mix plant

Types and Characteristics of Dry Mortar Plant

1.Simple type:
It is mainly composed of the gravity mixer, dry powder silos, packing spiral and so on. The production line has less investment and quick efficiency, but low output, and intensive labor, working environment emerging high dust content so that simple dry mortar station is suitable for initial investment.

simple dry mortar plant
simple dry mortar plant

2. Semi-automatic type:
It is mainly composed of gravity-free mixer (with flying knife), finished silos, packaging machines, bucket elevator, ready mix silos, dust collector, air compressor system and control system. The production line has more investment, but its high output, good working environment and preferable extensibility so that semi-automatic dry mortar station is suitable for most investors to buy.

workshop type dry mortar production line

3.Automatic type:
It is mainly composed of the efficient mixing system, storage system, delivery system, upgrade system, weighing system, ready mix system, packaging system, dust removal system, material level control system, alarm system, air compressor system, machine control system and other components. Scarce areas of product sand can be equipped with crushing system, screening system and drying system. The production line has big investment and investment risk, but the rate of return is high and it can deal with different problems by one step so that automatic dry mortar plant is suitable for construction in a better foundation medium-sized cities of the wall insulation.
dry mix mortar manufacturing plant

Working Principles of Dry Mortar Plants

According to the different requirements, there are mainly three layouts of dry mix mortar plant, plant layout, ladder layout, tower layout and so on. The general process is to lift all the pretreated raw materials to the top of the raw material silo, and naturally flow out of the silo by the weight of the raw material. After weighing, batching, mixing and packaging, the final product becomes the final product. All the production is done under the control of a modern microcomputer control system. As long as the operator designates the type and quantity of products, the rest of the operation will be finished by the automatic control system without human intervention. All closed production system equipment ensure no dust pollution, which ensures the health of workers.

Video of 100000t Dry Mortar Production Line from AIMIX GROUP

The Equipment Types Selection of Dry Mortar Plant

Drying system is a core of the whole dry mortar plant station and it determines the overall production efficiency of the plant. Hot stove or boiling furnace is adopted as the heat source of drying equipment. Hot stove has lower cost, but need to burn good coal that will not produce slag; relatively high cost of boiling furnace, you can burn a bit of bad coal. Selection of drying equipment is mainly based on local conditions. If the coal-producing areas and environmental requirements are not strict, then the operators can use boiling furnace.

Models GJT05 GJT10 GJT20 GJT30 GJT40 GJT50 GJT60
Capacity(t/h) 5 10 20 30 40 50 60

Stirring system commonly has two selections with uniaxial pear knife type or two-axis without gravity type. Both of mixers can be used in mortar stations. However, they have differences. Uniaxial pear blade mixer can be more fully stirred. Especially some trace additives, uniaxial mixer can be used for the production of special mortar, the disadvantage is the high cost, and low mixing efficiency; biaxial gravity mixer with high mixing accuracy, fast, low energy consumption and sealing operation is suitable for the production of ordinary mortar.

The Quality Dry Mortar Plants

A piece of equipment about the plant is for the modular structure, production capacity and the development of the market convergence. The quality with high precision ingredients, the use of flexible and easy to expand helps many operators deal with varieties of complex issues. Our company Aimix adopts the leading domestic technology. Especially from the perspective of customer’s needs, we carefully research and develop various reasonable equipment, which manifests the series of low cost, high efficiency mixing, full-featured, reliable performance and easy operation.

dry mortar plant

Excellent product quality with sophisticated equipment, advanced technology, first-class standards and strict management service makes new and old customers speak highly of us. Our company has many successful cases. In addition, our products are exported to overseas and deeply popular among foreign friends. Dry mortar station using first-class technology and trustworthy guarantee, for the development of each one, our company has a certificate as a reasonable proof. We promise that we have the quality of protection. As manufacturers, we always remember the original intention that makes the best brand and makes the best dry mortar plant.

AIMIX 2ton Tile Adhesive Plant Sent to Peru

Where to Buy Dry Mortar Plant at Competitive Price

Among a large number of brands, it is a very important issue that how to choose the best quality and reasonable price of dry mortar station. A piece of good equipment will give our work a substantial breakthrough. Good cooperation among the various components will speed up our working process. There are many advantages with large carrying capacity, stable operation; environmental adaptability, easy installation and long service life; machine small size, high speed, uniform and rapid delivery.

Aimix is fully committed to provide total satisfaction to its user by offering reasonable price and good product sales services. Our dry mortar plants are well-known for making achievements and our customers are satisfied with our outstanding product quality which are much more excellent cost-effective. Our products have been delivered to more than 60 countries. Please believe in our brand; trust us Aimix group.

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