JZR diesel concrete mixer for sale

Diesel Concrete Mixer

Diesel mixers can be used to mix dry, plastic, fluid, lightweight aggregate, concrete and varieties of mortars. Diesel engine concrete mixer is applicable to all types of large and medium-sized precast plant, construction sites, roads, bridges, airports, tunnels and other construction projects, which can also work with a stationary concrete plant. Diesel powered concrete mixer adopts diesel engine, which can realize the smooth work of machine at bad conditions. In its meaning, diesel concrete mixer is a type of concrete mixer, which adopts diesel as its motivation energy, and it is largely welcomed by customers at certain areas and locations. In contrast, concrete mixer electric motor basically undergo concrete mixing and production with the help of electricity.

diesel concrete mixer price

Model: JZR350A
Productivity(m3/h): 10 -14
Discharging Capacity(L): 350
Charging Capacity(L): 560
Maximum Size of Aggregate(mm): 60
Hopper Lifting: Wire rope lifting
Diesel Engine Power(kw): 9.7
Overall Weight (kg): 1350

Aimix diesel cement mixer for sale

Model: JZR350B
Productivity(m3/h): 10 -14
Discharging Capacity(L): 350
Charging Capacity(L): 560
Maximum Size of Aggregate(mm): 60
Hopper Lifting: Hydraulic system
Diesel Engine Power(kw): 13.2
Overall Weight (kg): 1400
Power of Water Pump(kw): 0.75
Diesel Engine Power(kw): 13.2

diesel cement mixers

Model: JZR500
Productivity(m3/h): 20-22
Discharging Capacity(L): 500
Charging Capacity(L): 800
Maximum Size of Aggregate(mm): 60
Hopper Lifting: Hydraulic system
Diesel Engine Power(kw): 13.2
Overall Weight (kg): 2300


Model JZR350A JZR350B JZR500
Discharging Capacity(L) 350 350 500
Charging Capacity(L) 560 560 800
Productivity(m3/h) 10 -14 10- 14 20-22
Maximum Size of Aggregate(mm) 60 60 80
Hopper Lifting Wire rope lifting Hydraulic system Hydraulic system
Diesel Engine Power(kw) 9.7 13.2 13.2
Power of Water Pump(kw) 0.75 0.75 2.2-3
Dimensions in Container (mm) 2750×2200×2400 2300×1900×2500 2300×3300×2500
Overall Weight (kg) 1350 1400 2300

The main models of our diesel powered concrete mixer are JZR350A, JZR350B and JZR500, and the number represents its basic discharging capacity. People may ask why they should get a concrete mixer diesel for their works instead of other types of cement mixers for sale.  In short, people select the most appropriate concrete mixer with the minimum costs. Obviously, it is a wise decision for people that live in the places that are rich in oil to buy a diesel concrete mixer. Furthermore, it is also very convenient to get a diesel concrete mixer for sale if there is any sudden breakdown or lacking of electricity. In its way of production, diesel concrete mixer is similar to a reverse drum type concrete mixer, which can undergo and finish mixing and production through the rotation of the drum, and it is very handy and efficient.

diesel concrete mixer price

Established since late 20th, our company has experienced lots of ups and downs in the years of working process. However, we still try to provide the most advanced concrete mixer diesel to our clients to support their business at heart and soul. Up to now, we have made some achievements of diesel concrete mixers for sale, and our concrete mixer diesel engine has been exported to lots of countries. As a professional diesel mixers for sale manufacturer and supplier, we totally deserve your trust. Diesel concrete mixer can be a better choice than electric concrete mixer in areas that have barely access to electricity. If you are looking for a reliable diesel concrete mixer, our machine will never let you down, why not click here for a free inquiry?

Features and Advantages of Diesel Concrete Mixer:

  1. The machine has high thermal efficiency, which can ensure the low energy consumption of the machine.
  2. It has easy operation and maintenance, which can largely save labor and money for your construction projects.
  3. Our machine has the advantages of high quality, reasonable prices, good performance and high working efficiency.
  4. It is equipped with diesel engine, which can work in some of remote districts that are lacking of electricity.

Diesel Concrete Mixer Package and Delivery:

aimix diesel cement mixer package

diesel engine concrete mixer delivery

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