Aimix ABJZC40 Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump is Ready to Malaysia

In February 2020, one set of Aimix ABJZC-40 diesel concrete mixer pump was ready. It will be sent to Malaysia in the following days. The following are some pictures and video took in our factory.

Aimix diesel concrete mixer pump ready to Malaysia 1

This diesel concrete mixer pump is ordered by one of our Malaysia customer. It will be used on our customer’s construction site soon. Diesel concrete mixer pump is a hot product that combines the function of concrete mixing and conveying all in one. It is the popular product in our company and the construction machinery market. Since it adopts diesel engine, it can be used in areas both lacking and sufficient of electricity supply. That makes it favored by most customers.

Among our diesel concrete mixer pumps, ABJZ40C and ABJZ30C are the hottest. Many customers choose them. We have exported many of them to countries such as Philippines, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Congo, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam etc. Customers speak highly of them after they use these concrete mixer pumps.

Aimix mixer pump in the Philippines

Aimix concrete mixer pump in the Philippines

Besides diesel engine concrete mixer pumps, our company also provides electric concrete mixer pumps for customers to choose. Customers can choose either type according to the real construction demand. If you are not very sure, welcome to consult us.Aimix diesel concrete mixer pump ready to Malaysia 2
What’s more, Aimix diesel concrete pumps are also hot products in our company. If you don’t want to mix concrete on site, just want to pouring concrete on site, diesel concrete pumps will be a good choice. It can be used in areas both lacking and sufficient of electricity supply. It is also an favored product by our customers. We have 40, 60, 80, 90cbm capacities for customers to choose.
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