Large Portable Concrete Mixer

Large portable concrete mixer designed by Aimix provides a quick and easy way to manufacture the best concrete, which helps the contractors to make profits as soon as possible. Concrete portable mixer is widely used in the mixing of plastic and semi dry concrete, and it is commonly seen in the construction site, road, bridge engineering and others. This kind of concrete mixers portable has the characteristic of convenient feeding, portable movement, and unique design. With the continuous demand of construction projects, it will play a more important role in the construction engineering.

JZM750 tilt drum concrete mixer
JZM750 large portable concrete mixer

Latest Cases

Three Sets AIMIX Concrete Mixers Sent To Indonesia In January 2021

Good news come on January 5, 2021! Three sets AIMIX JZM450 electric concrete mixer was loaded and sent to Indonesia. The following are some pictures took on the loading site.

AIMIX JZM450 concrete mixer sent to Indonesia
AIMIX JZM450 concrete mixer sent to Indonesia

AIMIX JZM450 concrete mixers sent to Indonesia
AIMIX JZM450 concrete mixers sent to Indonesia

Our company has accumulated lots of experienced technologists and workers, and we keep on the creation and innovation of best portable cement mixer all the time. Our large portable concrete mixer has high quality, good performance, low investment and spontaneous repayments. By now, it has been exported to lots of countries, and received a good reputation all around the world.

JZC500 concrete mixer
JZC500 concrete mixer

Model: JZC500
Capacity (m3/h): 18-20
Drum rotating speed (r/min): 13
Max. aggregate size (mm): 60-80
Max. hauling speed (kw/h): 20
Mixing power (kw): 11
Water pump (kw): 0.75


Model: JZM500
Capacity (m3/h): 20~25
Drum rotating speed (r/min): 13
Max. aggregate size (mm): 60
Max. hauling speed (kw/h)(mm): 20
Mixing power (kw): 11
Water pump (kw): 0.75

Large portable cement mixer has strong mixing effect and high mixing efficiency, which is therefore widely used in construction of road, bridge, and water conservancy projects etc. Besides, mobile concrete mixer is easy to be moved between construction sites and easy to operate, the optimized design makes it flexible and reliable.

Aimix Large Portable Concrete Mixer Specifications:

Model JZC350 JZM350 JZC500 JZM500
Discharge volume (L) 350 350 500 500
Charging volume (L) 560 560 800 800
Capacity (m3/h) 10~14 15~18 18~20 20~25
Drum rotating speed (r/min) 14 15 13 13
Max. aggregate size (mm) 60 60 60~80 60~80
Water feeding precision ≤2% ≤2% ≤2% ≤2%
Mixing power (kw) 5.5 5.5 11 11
Lifting power (kw) 4.5 4.5 5.5 5.5
Water pump (kw) 0.55 0.55 0.75 0.75
Tyre 6.50-16 6.50-16 7.50-16 7.50-16
Max. hauling speed (kw/h) 20 20 20 20
Dimensions (mm) 2766x2140x3000 3800x2050x2690 5226x2200x5460 6200x2110x5300
Weight (kg) 1950 1970 3100 3200

AIMIX Service

Beside reasonable concrete mixer price and tough quality, Aimix Group provides reliable after-sale service. Aimix Group has established 8 service networks including more than 60 after-sales service engineers for overseas market. They all unified manage and deployment by the specialized agencies-Customer service center, and establish a detailed customer files. The electrical and mechanical after service engineer`s technical level and skill are fully qualified for the installation, adjustment, commissioning, training and advice the user`s operators and provide free technical advisory service etc.

Installation and commissioning and the acceptance
We send after service engineers to help installation, commissioning of the equipment.
Returning visit for each set equipment after after installation by specialized department.
Technical material, warranty and technical service
We offer the customer training for the operator and maintenance worker, and also provide free technical advice services.
We supply lifelong service for the equipment.
Spare parts service
We offer the original, authentic, quality spare parts for the equipment maintenance.
Our service is available at 7*24hours every week.

Aimix Large Portable Concrete Mixer Features:

1. Easy to be moved between construction sites
2. Easy to operate with low energy consumption
3. Optimized structure design makes portable mixers flexible and reliable
4. Diesel engine mixer is available, which is our special design for clients in regions lacking of electricity
5. Even mixing effect and durable performance
6. Engineers will supervise the installation and test run
7. Spare parts are available in stock
8. 12 months warranty period since the installation and commissioning

Aimix Large Portable Concrete Mixer Exported

AIMIX large portable concrete mixer exported
AIMIX large portable concrete mixer exported

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