Two Sets Aimix As2.6 Self Loading Mixer Sent to the Philippines in June 2020

Another good news coming! Two sets AIMIX AS2.6 self loading concrete mixer was loaded and sent to the Philippines on June 30, 2020. The following are some pictures of the two self loading mixers.

AIMIX AS2.6 self load mixer to the Philippines

AIMIX AS2.6 self loading concrete mixer to the Philippines

AIMIX self loading concrete mixers are very hot in the Philippines, we have exported many sets of them there. Our self loading concrete mixers are so hot that they have been exported to many countries such as Philippines, Russia, Barbados, Kenya, Maldives, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, Namibia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia etc.
AIMIX AS2.6 self loading mixers to the Philippines

Self loading concrete mixer can conduct the work of concrete mixing and transportation onsite, which is very convenient to use. Since it launched into the market, many customers choose them.

AIMIX AS2.6 self load mixers to the Philippines AIMIX mainly provides the following capacities for customers to choose: 1.8cub, 2.6cub, 3.5cub, 4cub, 5.5cub and 6.5cub. 1.8cub belong to mini self loading concrete mixer, they give customers a flexible choice for their economic price and practicality.AIMIX AS2.6 self loading mixer to the Philippines

AIMIX has rich export experience and excellent after sale service team. We have won customers’ high praise. Our self loading mixers have tough quality and flexible application, if you are interested in any type of them, welcome to contact us now!

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